The Future of Music Exams is Here

Introducing an online examination experience which allows you to play any piece you like.
Graded on a universal standard that is convenient and recognised worldwide


  • The received report was absolutely brilliant with the most accurate and highly professional comments I’ve seen with an examination board so far
    – Marek Lis, Parent
  • Truly exciting idea! The system should be particularly effective for young musicians living in a rural area
    – Taijin Matsunami
  • This is so exciting and just brilliant really! I’m so glad I stumbled upon this page today ‬:) Looking forward to trying this method out this year!‬
    – ‪Monika Kapusi‬‪, Teacher
  • I am very impressed by the usefulness of the report. My student can now go back, review her video entries, taking note of the examiners suggestions at particular points in the videos – love it!
    – Jackie Sharp, Teacher
  • I would say the flexibility of CBE created an extremely positive experience for my student. The recording experience was a great journey of self-assessment and the flexible submission time kept us rather stress-free
    – Scott Lam, Teacher
  • The times we live in today make it very easy to share any content online, so why not share our music with the world and be formally recognised for your achievements at the same time? Assessment by video is by no means an easy task – a recording isn’t as sympathetic as the human ear!
    – James Flores, Teacher
  • I think the Con Brio concept is a fantastic idea…and I whole-heartedly believe in being able to teach and share music without borders.
    – Huw Jones, Principal Oboe, Queensland Symphony Orchestra
  • I have been very sceptical of Con Brio Exams from day one, mainly due to the physical aspect of the live performances. But after seeing a student who suffered from severe performance stress and anxiety being able to perform without those troubles gave me relief as I now knew there was something on the market that was flexible and could cater to his needs.
    – Rebecca Ly, Teacher
  • Just wanted to say I think this is a fantastic idea … I hope the response is as good as it SHOULD be.
    – Nicholas Kennedy, Musician
  • Quite often my students in remote areas have to fly overseas to take exams, and many of them don’t like the formality of traditional exam boards. But Con Brio Exams’ flexible approach and online element really suits the nature of our students, and many are looking forward to taking Con Brio Exams.
    – Tracy Rose, Teacher and Principal of ‘Music Lessons Anywhere’
  • Undertaking the Con Brio Examinations were a challenging yet greatly rewarding experience. There was great flexibility with what pieces you could perform and the online format made it very easy to register and submit your recordings.
    – Andrew Gorga, Student
  • Con Brio Examinations are the future of music exams all over the world. They offer so much more than all the other boards and I’m very proud to say that they have accepted me as one of their composers for the Piano Syllabus Repertoire! 33 of my pieces have already been added and you can listen and purchase all on the one page.
    – Kerry Barnes, Teacher and Composer
  • They have a music library of over twenty thousand pieces and have the option to request additional pieces to be added. This flexibility allows students to perform everything from the older classics to the newest compositions of the music world, including my very own arrangements! That is the beauty of it.
    – Kyle Landry, Youtube/Twitch Pianist and Composer
  • I am super excited to be a part of Con Brio Exams, a totally new exam system which allows students to perform any pieces, including many game and film soundtracks, have it graded on a universal standard, and record their video within the comfort of their own home or studio. Much more convenient and flexible compared to traditional examination systems.
    – Lara De Wit, YouTube/Twitch Pianist and Examiner
  • It is easy to enrol and the three recordings constituting the exam can be made anytime within a six-month period, allowing the exam programme and process to be tailored to fit the student’s own learning schedule
    – Robin Wilson, Violin Professor (ANAM) and Examiner
  • I was very excited about Con Brio Exams as it offered another exam option for my own students, and being able to approve a list of pieces suggested by USA’s National Federation of Music Clubs allowed my piano and drum students to pick their own pieces from within the local syllabus, as well as picking from the variety within Con Brio’s large syllabus.
    – Linda Spilling-Markey, Teacher
  • It was so convenient and flexible, any time and anywhere you can do your recording and submit them. The reports are very detailed, useful and providing constructive advice for your future study.
    – Angi Zang, Parent
  • As the 3 pieces were chosen by Jackson himself, he enjoys and is willing to spend longer hours practicing those music in order to get a good grade. I am so happy to see his progress.
    – Grace Tan, Parent

The First Online Music Exam

Displaying the true ability of the candidates through pre-recorded video clips

Worldwide Recognition

Exams accessed online provide a universal benchmark with global outreach

True Flexibility

Continually growing syllabus that currently contains over 20,000+ pieces from Classical to Pop

No More Time Restraints

Exams can be conducted and uploaded from your phone, at any time of the year

International Board Members & Quality Examiners

Governed by a board of highly reputable musicians & exams are marked by specialist examiners

Platform to Shine

Utilising video sharing platforms to deliver candidates’ performances to the world

Establishing a Universal Music Standard

Michelin Stars to Restaurants
IELTS to English…

Tailored for musicians and music students of all ages, we have created an easy online system.
1. Prepare 3 pieces from our extensive music library.
2. Film and upload from the comfort of your own studio.
3. Enrol in your exam and it will be marked by one of our experienced examiners.

An Online System for Music Assessment

Music Library

20,000+ Pieces

A Most Valuable Musical Resource for All Students & Teachers

Perhaps the most comprehensive and interactive syllabus ever made, our expert musicians have reviewed and worked through a database of over 20,000 pieces, all for your convenience and flexibility in your learning.
If the piece of music is not included in our database, collaborate with us and we can get that included!

Hall of Fame


A stadium for top quality performances, the Hall of Fame will showcase the finest performances and allow for outstanding candidates to perform for a global audience.

For All Music Teachers,
The Benefits of Con Brio Examinations (CBE)

Motivation Boost & Flexible Teaching Plans

Students can enjoy the pieces they like and teachers are no longer restricted on what they can teach students and exams can be conducted anytime

Improvement Through Self-Evaluation

By recording the candidates best take, the candidates will go through multiple attempts of refining their performances

An Alternative Exam

Teachers can use CBE as a valuable preparation for all music exams and auditions, CBE exams are professionally marked and constructive reports will be provided

Globally Recognised

Through the online platform and our global outreach, the student’s level can be acknowledged wherever they go

Valuable Performance Footage

Through pre-recorded video clips, the learning journey of the candidates will be documented, these videos can also be used as auditions for school applications and music competitions

Pathway to Success

Outstanding students will have the opportunity to shine via our “Hall of Fame” and be featured in our music library. With our growing global audience, these candidates will have a chance to become the next global sensation