Our Differences

Our Differences

Our elite team of examiners has a combined knowledge of over 100 years of experience with traditional exam systems. Based on our experiences with the existing systems we have developed our ideal examination platform.

Con Brio Examinations Team

Con Brio Examinations is designed in a way to allow the smoothest transition for students currently preparing for other exams. Try us now and experience the difference.

We welcome all students who are preparing for an exam with any other major musical exam systems, to use our platform as a form of preparation and practice for their upcoming test. We are confident Con Brio Examinations will be able to give you a detailed report reflecting the standard of your performance, allowing you to set yourself ahead of others.

We have also surveyed other music exam systems, below is a comparison based on Con Brio Examinations’ own analysis.

Con Brio Examinations Other Exam Systems
Certificate International UK, Canada, Australia, China and other localised systems
Exam Fees Affordable High Cost
Exam Period Anytime Limited, 2-4 sessions a year
Response Within 5 working days 2 Weeks – 3 Months +
Exam Recording Video recording Unavailable, some offer audio recording
Venue Safe and comfortable environment Unfamiliar venue and instruments
Syllabus Free and huge interactive database Allowing feedback and requests from candidates
Limited choice of pieces and hard copy syllabus are usually at a cost
Exam Results Certificates
Performance Reports
Career Opportunities at Diploma levels
Reports and certificates
Quality of Performance You submit the best take of your own performance Nervousness and other contributing factors can affect the quality of the performance

Grade Comparison with Other Music Examinations

The following is the grade comparison recommended by our team of examiners:

Con Brio Examinations Other Exam Systems
Preliminary Grade
Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
Performance (PCBE)
Associate (ACBE)
Licentiate (LCBE)
Fellowship (FCBE)