Performance Evaluation Guidelines

Enrolling for Performance Evaluations

Performance evaluation is a new feature of CBE which offers a one-piece assessment for all enrolling candidates. Whether a candidate is unfamiliar with the music grading system or simply would like a professional assessment of their performance, this performance evaluation is for you.

Simply upload one performance video of your choice and our team of professional examiners will assess the video and give you a detailed report based on the following five areas:

  1. Accuracy of notes and rhythm
  2. Technical development and fluency
  3. Quality of tone production and articulation
  4. Stylistic understanding and phrasing
  5. Performance expression and communication

On the evaluation report, our examiner will also give you an indication of what level the piece is graded at, across our Con Brio Examinations Grades (From Grade Preliminary to Diploma levels) and what performance standard it would fall under (From Fail to High Distinction grading).

The performance evaluation feature serves as an excellent learning aid to all candidates. You can use this feature to prepare for your local music exams, school auditions, competitions or even just as a self-reflective tool to further strengthen the quality of your playing.

We look forward to seeing your performance evaluation videos!