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Commonly Asked Questions

This is a list of commonly asked questions from our candidates, teachers and private studios.

A: Anyone can, no age limit. We encourage people of all backgrounds and ages to enrol.

A: Via My Exams Portal – easy “three steps” registration.

A: After enrolling for an exam, you can submit your video within 30 days

A: The exams will be marked by one of our Con Brio Examiners against criteria where a mark out of 100 will be awarded. For further information on our examiners please click here.

A: The result will be emailed to the email provided in the registration details within 5 working days

A: No, we provide our users with the flexibility to choose a suitable grade at any time. As some wish to progress at a faster rate, you can jump grades as you like. There are no prerequisites to sit an exam.

A: You will be marked under these 5 criteria:

  • Accuracy of notes and rhythm
  • Technical development and fluency
  • Quality of tone production and articulation
  • Stylistic understanding and phrasing
  • Expression and communication

A: Con Brio Exams acknowledges the benefits of scales, technical and aural training however it is not a requirement for our exams.

A: You are more than welcome to submit an appeal for your exam result at the cost of a small admin fee. Our examination board will review your video and give you a response within 10 working days.

A: Once you’ve made the payment, you will be directed to the video submission page where you will include the URL of the uploaded video on youtube. Youtube Privacy Setting: We suggest you upload the video using UNLISTED MODE privacy option. Please do not upload the video as Public or Private (We will not be able to access your video).

A: Anywhere, as long as it adheres to our exam guidelines, available here.

A: While it is strongly encouraged to dress up appropriately for your piece and take it as a serious performance, it is not a requirement.

A: It is encouraged, however, if you are more comfortable with the music, then it is not required. Please bear in mind, that you are marked on fluency so pausing to turn the page is not advised.

A: As long as it has adhered to our exam guidelines, it would be marked accordingly.

A: No, each piece will be submitted with its individual link. If you choose to record in one take, this video would have to be split to be submitted individually.

A: Our syllabus covers all areas of music, however if you would like to play your own composition or pieces not already listed, you are more than welcome to submit it in for a review, once you have registered and logged into MyExams.

A: See “What types of pieces can I play” above.

A: Our Syllabus lists pieces from preliminary grade to Fellowship where you can search what grade your pieces are in. You can also use the videos as a reference to the difficulty of the pieces to help determine a suitable grade.

A: You will need to pick three pieces, with one piece from the grade you are attempting (of any genre), and two pieces from any current or higher grade of any genre. If you wish to play your own composition, you can submit it in to be reviewed, once you have registered and logged into MyExams.

A: The majority of sheet music can be purchased or found online. We will be adding the sheet music service to our examination very soon. If you are having trouble finding the music do not hesitate to send us an email.

A: Yes, you are welcome to submit your own compositions in for a review, once you have registered and logged into MyExams, and our team will advise whether the piece is suitable.

A: For details on the exam procedure please go here.

A: As explained on our syllabus page, there are many pieces written which may fall under multiple grades, as often, composers do not write music with an intention to be allocated to a certain grade. These grading systems are put together by our expert teachers and examiners as an educational guide to assist students to have a progressive learning experience. Throughout the grades, you may find multiple versions of the same pieces where they will be marked according to the standard of that grade.

A: While we do encourage students to explore contrasting styles this is not an exam requirement. Candidates are welcome to submit an exam that only includes pieces of one or two styles if they wish to focus on a particular genre of music.

A: Our exams fee structure is published here.

A: All major payment methods are accepted including PayPal, credit cards and Alipay. If you wish to bank transfer, you can link you bank account to your PayPal account.

A: Please refer to our Step by Step Guide – Step 3.

A: Yes, as long as the resolution meets our exam guidelines. Both android and apple phones camera apps are compatible with our system. Student can also use YOUBRIO App to directly record and upload their performance video.

A: Although you will not be penalised for a low-quality recording, it will be hard for the examiner to give justice to the quality of the performance regarding the accuracy of the notes, intonation and dynamics.

A: Currently we offer piano, violin, vocal and major instruments syllabus such as cello, viola, double bass, saxophone, flute, clarinet and so on. Stay tuned as more instruments will be added to our examinations syllabus in the near future.

A: It is advised that you read the report carefully and you can consult your own instrumental teacher. Alternatively, you can work with your teacher or other teachers online via YOUBRIO app.

A: Yes, Con Brio Exams is backed by a large group of esteemed musicians and supporters. With our fast-growing reputation around the world, we are expanding our network and affiliations with all major education bodies. We are confident that Con Brio Exams will become a universal standard in music examination in the near future.

A: As with all current established examination systems, the authenticity of the candidate can only be kept at approximately 80%. All efforts are being made during the registration process where the candidate is required to submit a face photo and their personal details. We are assessing on the content of the video and later we will be putting together a database of all our exam candidates potentially publishing there results as well as their video upon permission from the candidate.

A: Yes

A: As frequently as you like, one of the best aspects of Con Brio Exams is the flexibility of our system. You can enrol in multiple grades as long as you complete it by the deadline for submission.

A: Yes, we place emphasis on being a flexible system so if you wish to reattempt an exam you can.