Grade Indications

Grade Descriptors


The grades in this level explore repertoire that develops the foundation of music and technique of the candidate’s chosen instrument. This level will require candidates to demonstrate good posture and healthy tone production. Music for this level consists of pieces commonly featured in methodology books that cover simple rhythms and melodic material for developing co-ordination.

(GRADE 5 ~ 8)

This level comprises of music that will challenge the candidate further artistically. Stylistic awareness and understanding will need to be supported by solid technique in order to deliver a successful performance. Repertoire such as intermediate sonatas, character pieces and various methodology books dealing with more difficult techniques will be explored in the intermediate levels.


The Diplomas are specialist accreditations that represent a mature and expert level of musical performance for a range of senior levels.


The Performance Diploma encompasses repertoire that is suitable for refining the necessary skills for undergraduate tertiary study, such as a Bachelor of Music program. This would be equivalent to that of senior high school or pre-college standards. Repertoire for this level includes advanced student sonatas, concerti, and character pieces which have moderately challenging technical requirements.

A minimum of 20 minutes is needed to qualify for the award.


The Associate Diploma is awarded to candidates who show a strong technical command of their instrument which allows them to perform their pieces with imagination and appropriate stylistic awareness. The repertoire equivalent to this level is of a 1st or 2nd year recital performance of a Bachelor of Music program (Freshman and Sophomore College year) and can include standard concert sonatas and concerti, concert pieces, and advanced etudes where a wider expansion of range and tempi are explored.

A minimum of 20 minutes is needed to qualify for the award.


The Licentiate Diploma is an advanced instrumental diploma that has its repertoire equivalent to what is expected in a 3rd and 4th Year Recital performance of a Bachelor of Music Program (Junior and Senior College year). The candidate will be required to exhibit an expert level of control over more sophisticated nuances of the relevant musical styles. Suitable repertoire for this level include large-scale concert repertoire such as advanced concerti and sonatas, technically brilliant showpieces and etudes, and other music compositions of stylistic complexity.

A minimum of 30 minutes is needed to qualify for the award.


The Fellowship Diploma is the highest and most prestigious level offered and will demand from the candidate a most mature understanding of the musical style, with masterful control of technique for demanding repertoire. Repertoire for this level will be similar to what is suitable for a postgraduate music recital, such as a Masters or Doctoral Degree. Highly advanced concerti, grand sonatas, virtuosic showpieces and very complex works of a demanding nature are the works that will be explored.

A minimum of 30 minutes is needed to qualify for the award.

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