From classical masterworks to movie themes …
to the trending tunes on YouTube

Foreword on Search

We have perhaps the most comprehensive and interactive syllabus ever made and our expert musicians have reviewed and worked with a database of over 20,000 pieces, all for the convenience and flexibility in your music learning. Our expert team have selected a number of pieces from each grade and category based on their popularity and their educational benefits and have linked them to the best available performance video online.


These pieces are shown as by CBE” and are recommended as a good starting point for that particular level of music.


Grade Comparison with Other Music Examinations

Please click here to view the comparison chart, as recommended by our team of examiners.


Requesting Pieces

To further expand our music library, we encourage all suggestions including own compositions as additions to our music library. If there is a piece you would like to play, that isn’t currently included in the music library, submit it into us to get it reviewed so it can be included. To submit music suggestions, please register and log into MyExams.



The syllabus videos on this website have been selected from YouTube are for referencing purposes only and act as a guide to the music that is required for the examination. It does not always reflect the standard that is expected for examinations.