Why Con Brio Exams Matter | CBE Board

Welcome to the future of Music Examinations!


Con Brio Examinations is an online exam system that utilises the internet and video sharing platforms to set a universal standard for music examinations, recognised around the world.


The advantage of this system is the complete flexibility of the exam. Not only are candidates able to include pieces of any style of music, they can complete the exam at any time of the year.


Con Brio Exams features an interactive music syllabus of over 10,000 pieces, each linked to online video performances creating a valuable, educational resource. From the Classical repertoire of Bach and Beethoven through to themes of movies, games or even anime, all teachers, students and music enthusiasts can tailor a truly motivational learning experience.


Record yourself performing three pieces from our syllabus and upload them for our specialist examiners to assess. It is as simple as that. This exam system can also aid in preparing for traditional exams such as Trinity, ABRSM, AMEB, or any of your local exams.


This revolutionary exam system is proudly endorsed by some of the most reputable musicians in the industry, from esteemed university professors and pedagogues to successful YouTube artists.


Top performing candidates will be featured in our ‘Hall of Fame’, where these candidates will be able to showcase their amazing performances to a global audience.


We live in a world of internet and technology. By utilising a fun, flexible and interactive music exam system that targets all important aspects of musical development, music can be attractive and enjoyable for the new generation of students.


Join us to be a part of the future of music exams!