Introduction to Ms Lara De Wit | CBE Board

Meet Ms. Lara De Wit, examiner, composer, teacher, YouTube sensation and member of the Board at CBE. Lara is constantly engaged in arranging music from popular game and anime music on the piano and violin, as well as performing for her viewers on ‘Twitch’. Lara has over 29,000,000 views and over 160,000 subscribers on YouTube.


Here is what she has to say about Con Brio Examinations:


I’m super excited to announce a new project that I am a part of, because I believe in it SO much. I am now a board member for CBE exams, a totally new examination system that will allow students to play any piece they like (video game/anime/film soundtracks included!), have it graded on a universal standard, and record their video in the comfort of their own home or studio.


Traditional music examination systems can feel outdated and draconian, not to mention expensive due to all the admin. Their syllabus is very restricted in terms of musical genre, and students only get ‘one shot’ on the exam day. Often they are being marked by examiners who are out of touch with modern music trends.


magine being able to play the Super Mario Bros theme for your piano exam, as well as Attack on Titan or perhaps something from a Ghibli film, along with a Chopin Nocturne or Beethoven Sonata? CBE offers a HUGE (free) database, linking your piece to the best available online performance of it – you can also submit new pieces to the database for consideration. In addition, CBE features the very best student performances on its website as ‘model performances’.


There’s an ingrained view that classical music is the superior musical genre. Today, with the popularity and excellence of film and video game soundtracks, this is no longer necessarily the case. All musical genres will be on equal footing and it’s now only a matter of personal preference as to what you play. Brave New World.


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