Examination Guidelines

Rules to Follow

Examination Guidelines

Exam Requirements CBE is purely performance based, for as much as we recognize the benefits of scales, technical work, aural, sight-reading, theory and musical knowledge, we believe the ultimate goal for all performers is to deliver a beautiful performance. From preliminary grade to Fellowship Diploma, all you need is to present 3 of your chosen pieces.
Piece Requirements
The instructions of submitting an exam are as follows:
  • 1st Piece: You must first pick one piece that belongs to the grade selection you wish to enrol in
  • 2nd Piece: This piece can be of the same grade or higher
  • 3rd Piece: This piece can be of the same grade or higher


There are no time constraints for the grade exams.


The Diploma exams will need to satisfy the following minimum time limits:
  • PCBE and ACBE: 15 minutes
  • LCBE and FCBE: 20 minutes


If the three pieces chosen do not meet the minimum time requirement, we will accept two pieces submitted as one video to meet the minimum time requirement of the diploma grades. In this case, a total of four pieces will be marked however the weighting of the two shorter pieces will be equivalent to one.


Please ensure that all videos were recorded within 6 months of the exam submission date. All videos must be submitted within 1 month of the exam enrolment.
Video Recording
Although the quality of the recording will not be a marking criteria, how much the camera is able to capture in terms of sound quality will affect what the examiner hears and the way they perceive your playing. An iPhone video recording is sufficient however, it would be beneficial if a higher quality camera and microphone is available.


Candidates must look at the camera for 3 seconds before playing, please ensure that the camera is able to capture your instrument, your hands on the keys, and your face. If any of the elements listed above are obscured, then the performance will not be assessable and we will request you to submit another recording with the correct requirements.


In order to optimise the upload process, we suggest you use 720p resolution for the video. The minimum video resolution that we accept is 480p.


Please ensure that there has been no editing to the video. For example, there is to be no sound manipulation, video splicing or any other edits that would affect the recorded performance.


Currently, we accept videos uploaded on the following video sharing platforms: YouTube, Vimeo, Bilibili, QQ, Youku, Tudou, Fengxing.
Performance Location The location of recording can be a professional venue or even your own room, as long as you meet the above criteria. For keyboard, an acoustic or electrical instrument are both accepted as long as it covers the appropriate range and dynamics required in your piece of music.
Performance Requirements Playing from memory is encouraged, however if you wish to play with the score or a tablet, this is also accepted as long as page turning doesn’t interfere with the performance.
Sheet Music We respect and support the copyright and the use of original sheet music and encourage that all candidates purchase legitimate editions to minimize any unnecessary wrong notes. If you would like recommendations as to which edition to use, please email us at admin@conbrioexams.com and we will be in contact with you.
For Instrumentalists
We encourage candidates to be accompanied by professional accompanists, however backing tracks are allowed provided the soloist can be heard clearly over the accompaniment.
Please also ensure that your instrument is tuned accurately as it will have an impact on the quality of the exam.
Repeats Repeats are not required unless it is a ‘da capo’ direction or to the performer’s discretion.
Dress Code While we do not have any specific dress code requirements, we encourage all candidates to treat this exam as a performance and dress accordingly.
Preferred Browser Currently, the preferred browser is either Google Chrome, or Firefox