Animenz | Masterclass

Con Brio Examinations Head Office in Sydney, was delighted to host Animenz, one of the most popular YouTube pianist (with over 1.7 Billion views) who specializes in transcriptions of anime music, many of which are rather virtuosic. Through the medium of his anime music, Animenz gave insightful advice about piano playing in general which really related and enriched all members of the audience, many of which were fans of Animenz and enthusiastic musicians themselves.


Back in the days the great pianist and composer Franz Liszt often transcribed popular Mozart Operas and Beethoven Symphonies into jaw-dropping piano arrangements and now thanks to modern day pianist-composers such as Animez and Kyle Landry, music from animations are also available in solid virtuosic piano arrangements, and indeed demand a strong level of piano technique and musicianship to pull off well. The Con Brio Examinations syllabus has a range of Animenz transcribed pieces that can be used for examinations. Check it out!


We have included a little highlights video of the event.


A BIG thank you to Animenz and his team for supporting the Con Brio Examinations vision and making this event a success!


Animenz has just finished sold out shows around the globe, and will continue to tour next year, be sure to follow him on YouTube.